Down to earth dinners at the top of Aarhus: New restaurant in Aarhus Ø

The Aarhus Ø-quarter will soon house a new place to eat when ‘Restaurant Tiende’ and the wine- and cocktail bar ‘Den Fede Drue’ open on Wednesday 5 April.

In the newly-built Nicolinehus in the heart of Aarhus Ø, Restaurant Tiende (Restaurant Tenth) has moved in on – you guessed it – the tenth floor. The new restaurant is run by the experienced team from restaurant Ferdinand and restaurant FF, which were located at Åboulevarden.

“Our vision for Restaurant Tiende was to create a great restaurant at the top of Aarhus with a completely down to earth approach. We want to be versatile and to be the place to go for amazing food and wine that makes sense and be a place our guests wish to return to again and again to taste and experience everything,” says Ebbe Langhoff Gøgsig, the CEO of Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue, which are both owned by Lars Larsen Group.

“I really look forward to the opening and to welcoming guests at Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue. A lot of time, effort, and thought has been put into the development of our new restaurant and wine- and cocktail bar to create just the right welcoming atmosphere and we are very proud of the social universe we have created”, says Jacob Brunsborg, Chairman of the Board of Lars Larsen Group.

Restaurant Tiende is open for lunch and dinner and high quality and seasonal ingredients are paramount. While the lunch menu consists of Danish smorrebrod (open-face sandwich) and carefully curated classic dishes such as tartare de boeuf and ‘stjerneskud’ (shooting stars) with the chef’s personal twist, the evening menu contains a variety of dishes with starters such as French white asparagus, ravioli, and grilled lobster. Among the larger dishes are currently glazed turbot, well-hung beef, and quail and the menu changes with the seasons.

The upstairs neighbour to Restaurant Tiende will be Den Fede Drue (The Fatty Grape), a wine- and cocktail bar, which also opens on 5 April. Here, guests can enjoy wine from the extensive wine list of 2,700 different wines or a drink from the cocktail menu ’The Characters’, which contains a ’Gandalf’, a ’Patrick Bateman’, and a ’Willy Wonka’ to mention a few. The interior of Den Fede Drue sets an intimate and ‘homely’ mood with small “sitting room” and bar sections.

”Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue are run independently from one another so you can come in from the street and have a drink in the wine bar without attending the restaurant, just like you can start or finish off your meal in the restaurant with a visit to Den Fede Drue,” says Ebbe Langhoff Gøgsig.

The two new places both offer a unique setting with four large terrasses at the 10th and 11th floor respectively providing a spectacular view of Aarhus. The nature around Aarhus Bay is mirrored in the interior. Both Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue are decorated with one-of-a-kind solutions by the design company and with furniture from other Lars Larsen Group companies such as Bolia and ILVA.

It is now possible to make a reservation at Restaurant Tiende ( Den Fede Drue does not require reservation in advance, but a reservation is recommended.