Down to earth dinners at the top of Aarhus: New restaurant in Aarhus Ø

The Aarhus Ø-quarter will soon house a new place to eat when ‘Restaurant Tiende’ and the wine- and cocktail bar ‘Den Fede Drue’ open on Wednesday 5 April.

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Lars Larsen Group

Lars Larsen Group is owned by the Brunsborg family, descendants of JYSK founder Lars Larsen. The Group owns companies within a number of business areas including furniture, interior design, restaurants, and hotels and is also an active investor in equities, funds, and real estate.


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Stories from our companies


Homes away from home

This summer, Lalandia opened its third tropical holiday resort located in Søndervig. Have you ever wondered who furnishes and decorates holiday homes in different resorts? Well, if you have ever visited one of Lalandia's resorts, the answer is

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The grass is always greener at HimmerLand

Grass is not just grass. And greenkeeping is not just greenkeeping. For golfers and greenkeepers at HimmerLand, the grass seems greener in more than one way.

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A logo is worth a thousand words

With a combination of company DNA and core competencies, Actona Group has created a new logo that is both strong, characteristic, and last, but not least, easy to decode.

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A red thread of inspiration

Showroom and office in one. Bolia's recently remodelled head office in Aarhus functions both as an extension of the nearby Bolia store and a fluent workspace for head office employees. It was designed by Bolia's in-house concept designers from the retail department and supports the inspiring and creative design universe found in each of Bolia's stores.

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Welcome back the 60s

Bringing 60's design back to ILVA When ILVA marked their 60th anniversary in 2021, original ILVA ads from the 60's provided inspiration for a new anniversary collection. The hand-drawn pieces were reinterpreted by selected designers to celebrate their heritage while tapping into current trends.

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Using the past to shape the future

Tradesmanship, responsibility and growth. Those are the values that permeate all activities in Lars Larsen Group, defined by the owner family and lived out by every member of the organisation in their daily work. Though only just written down in 2020, the values are far from pulled out of thin air. They build on years of history and the legacy of founder Lars Larsen. Read the full story to learn more about the origin of the Lars Larsen Group values.

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Retail company profiles



SENG is a Danish retail chain that sells top-quality brands within beds and bed accessories.

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