Garia acquires Polish competitor

Garia, the Danish vehicle manufacturer owned by the Lars Larsen Group, increases momentum on the utility side of the business to gain competitive edge and a larger product portfolio after the acquisition

Since Garia in 2014 expanded their business from sales and production of world-class golf and leisure vehicles to also include practical utility vehicles used, among others, in municipalities and by the Swedish postal services PostNord, this area of the business has become increasingly important to Garia.

Now the company takes a large step to ensure further growth in this segment by the acquisition of the rivalling Polish company Melex, which with great success has been selling utility vehicles since the 70ies.

“Due to the need for sustainable and green mobility solutions worldwide, there is an increased demand for practical electric utility vehicles for companies with smaller cargo and transportation needs both on-road and off-road. With the acquisition of Melex, Garia will have a much stronger market position as we will be offering our customers a wider range of vehicles as well as price alternatives to the products we are selling today” says CEO of Garia, Jakob V. Holstein.

Great possibilities

With the acquisition of Melex, Garia will be the 2nd largest company in Europe within production and sale of lightweight utility vehicles, and according to Jakob V. Holstein, this will give Garia unique possibilities in the future.

“We see a growing interest in environmentally friendly transport and service vehicles for both public and private players, and with the purchase of Melex, Garia will have a wider portfolio in order to compete in the tenders that often control this segment. Furthermore, our production capacity will increase, which is positive, as we are currently running at full steam due to high demands for Garia products” says Jakob V. Holstein.

At the same time, he underlines that the purchase will not change the company goals of also being the leader in luxury golf and leisure vehicles in the future.

“Garia was founded with the ambition of producing the world’s best golf and leisure vehicles and that remains our target. But with the increasing awareness of green mobility, an opportunity to use our skills and knowhow in other segments has emerged, and we obviously need to act on that” says Jakob V. Holstein.

Garia’s acquisition of Melex will take effect from the 12th of November 2021 and will have no consequences for dealers or customers in the short term.

“Melex has a strong dealer network which is not particular overlapping with Garia’s, and the acquisition will generate possibilities of increased exposure for both brands in the long term. This is something we need to look into, but in the short term there will not be any apparent changes because of the acquisition” says Jakob V. Holstein.

The parties do not wish to disclose the financial details of the acquisition.

About Garia:

Garia was founded in 2005 by Anders Lynge with the vision of introducing a paradigm shift for golf and leisure vehicles by producing the world’s first premium vehicles in their segments.

In 2014, with almost ten years of experience in the luxury electric vehicle market, Garia embarked on an entirely new journey: the Garia Utility. A compact electric utility vehicle that combines reliability, ergonomics and zero emissions with comfort, functionality and thoughtful design. Made of high-quality European components, the Garia Utility is one of a kind.

Garia is privately held by Lars Larsen Group and headquartered in Denmark with a subsidiary in the U.S. Learn more about the Garia Utility at

About Melex:

Melex was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of electric golf and lightweight utility vehicles in Mielec, Poland.

Melex is a versatile manufacturer of electric vehicles and offers over 100 different models for almost any niche in the segment. From 250kg and up to 1,6 tons of cargo, or 2-8 passengers as service vehicles for factories, logistic centers, supermarkets, municipalities, tourism, airports etc., there is a Melex for any usage.

Learn more about Melex at