HimmerLand resort receives the Nordic Eco-label certification

Very few have made it on to the exclusive list of Danish hotels with a Nordic Eco-label-certification (Svanemærket). Now, HimmerLand resort is one of them.

While the Nordic Eco-label is seen on many product categories such as household items, cleaning supplies, and skin care, very few Danish hotels have received the certification.

“This is an important step for us,” says Mette Ravn, CEO of HimmerLand and continues:

“Working actively with sustainability is an essential part of our strategy which is strongly supported by our owners. And it is something our guests are becoming increasingly aware of as well, so with our ambition to attract even more visitors from and outside of Denmark we must be able to deliver on sustainability.”

When browsing for a hotel room it can be difficult as a consumer to assess how much a certain hotel focuses on sustainability. The Nordic Eco-label acts as a guide in that respect because the certification requires a hotel to meet strict requirements in terms of their use of energy, water, waste, chemicals, and food.

HimmerLand was already working on becoming more sustainable in all these areas and had previously attained important certifications such as the Green Key-label, the DAKA Refood-certification, and the Organic Cuisine Label in bronze. Adding the Nordic Eco-label was well within reach though it required a great amount of data collection and documentation to get officially certified.

“While the other certifications, that we had already achieved, are important for us to have, becoming certified according to the Nordic Eco-label catapults us into a different league,” says Mette Ravn.

Ripple effects

The additional requirements that come with the Nordic Eco-label do not only affect HimmerLand. The newly attained certification has a ripple effect on the entire value chain meaning suppliers to the resort have been met with stricter requirements as well.

”It has been necessary for us to make some changes in terms of the suppliers we buy from, but this has mostly been in a positive sense. For example, our laundry supplier has been motivated to embark on their journey towards the certification. In this way, our dedication to the process inspires others as well,” Mette Ravn explains.

The work with sustainability does not stop here for HimmerLand. With strong support from the owners, commitment from the management team, and dedicated internal ambassadors, the work with sustainability continues:

“Currently, our certifications are primarily focused on environment – the ‘E’ of ESG, if you will. Going forward we are focusing a lot on social sustainability as well and we already have several active projects that focus on helping more citizens in our municipality enter the job market. So in terms of sustainability, we can always do more,” Mette Ravn concludes.

HimmerLand was founded in 1979 and acquired by Lars Larsen Group in 1986. Besides being a hotel, the resort entails a spa, three restaurants, a golf shop, three golf courses, padel tennis, indoor swimming pool, and meeting and conference facilities. The resort employs approximately 145 people.

Read more about HimmerLand's work with sustainability in Lars Larsen Group's annual report 2021/22 here: Together towards more sustainable tourism

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