JYSK opens in Thailand

Monday December 10th will be the official opening of the first JYSK store in Thailand.

The people in Thailand's capital city of Bangkok will be the first to enjoy the benefits of having a JYSK nearby, when the first JYSK store in Thailand welcomes customers on Monday the 10th of December.

It will be a JYSK city store, which means that it is a smaller store located in an indoor shopping centre.

JYSK in Thailand will open as a franchise, which means, that the operation will not be run from JYSK´s corporate headoffice in Brabrand, but by a local partner.

In Thailand JYSK will be operated by the highly successful Boonthavorn Group.

“I have great expectations to our cooperation with Boonthavorn Group. It is a very professional partner, and we have already planned the establishment of the first six stores. Four of these are city stores within the Boonthavorn shopping centre concept, while the two remaining stores will be a JYSK concept 3.0 flagship store, and a small store at Jatujak subway station in Bangkok, which is used by 18 million people each year,” explains Franchise Director in JYSK Nordic, Frederik Kåre Kroun.

Rapid expansion

He expects that JYSK's strong concept and great products combined with the successful Boonthavorn Group will make it possible to expand the number of stores in Thailand at a good pace.

“One of the strengths of JYSK is our ability to be close to our customers by having a widespread network of stores. That requires a good franchise partner, and by partnering up with Boonthavorn Group, I believe that we have an extremely strong foundation for the operation in Thailand,” says Frederik Kåre Kroun.

And the expectations in Boonthavorn Group are big as well.

“Boonthavorn with 40 years of experience with home styling products will now place JYSK in its 51st country. By strategically expanding the JYSK brand to reach the maximum possible number of consumers and give the Thai people a good deal for their homes. To achieve this no less than 30 branches are planned to open all over Thailand within the coming five years,” says CEO of Boonthavorn Group, Mr. Sitthisak Tayanuwat.

The first JYSK store in Thailand will open on the 10th of December 2018 at Ratchapruk in Bangkok.