Lars Larsen Group and GMB Ejendomme enter strategic partnership for commercial development in Silkeborg

Two of the city’s most significant commercial developers have joined forces to strengthen Silkeborg’s position as an attractive city for businesses, to be able to attract jobs for the many newcomers in the future as well.

Silkeborg is a growing municipality. A newcomer-record was set in 2021, and according to the population projections the city is looking at an increase in population of 9.4 percent from 2023 to 2036 – in comparison, an increase of 3.7 percent is expected on national basis in the same period. This makes Silkeborg an attractive location for investing in commercial development, which is what the company groups GMB Ejendomme (GMB) and Lars Larsen Group (LLG) are now doing in cooperation.

”Through our strategic partnership we are supporting the growth potential in Silkeborg,” says Poul Erik Larsen, Investment & Property Director of Lars Larsen Group. ”With our joint projects we wish to help drive a development which will ensure optimal conditions and make Silkeborg even more attractive to companies,” he adds.

The cooperation for commercial development in Silkeborg will be anchored in a new company owned by LLG, GMB, and Brdr. Lund Invest respectively. Co-owner of the latter, Thomas Lund, will be new CEO of the company, which has identified three specific areas in Silkeborg suitable for different types of commercial construction. These include the area around Lillehøjvej, Funder Dalgårdsvej 5, and Kejlstrup Tværvej 10 – all located centrally, close to the Silkeborg motorway and other infrastructure.

”The location is ideal for companies who wish to attract qualified labour from and outside of Silkeborg with easy access to the city’s arterial roads,” says Poul Erik Larsen. ”Furthermore, the closeness between the various project will establish a cohesion which will ensure an active, vibrant business area in this part of the city,” he adds.

Focus on sustainability and work environments

At Kejlstrup Tværvej, an office community comprising 30,000 square meters is planned. It will be an innovative wood construction with minimal use of concrete elements to limit climate impact. At Funder Dalgårdsvej, there are also plans of establishing an office building of approximately 10,000 square meters, while the plan at Lillehøjvej is to build up to 35,000 square meters of commercial property and potentially a health centre.

”The common denominator for the new areas is the creation of modern, attractive work environments for companies and their employees in buildings with focus on sustainability and innovation in terms of architecture and design,” Poul Erik Larsen concludes.

Construction is expected to commence during the first half of 2024.

About the parties involved

GMB Ejendomme, which is owned by René Birch among others, is based in Silkeborg with its domicile at Mads Clausens Vej. Lars Larsen Group will move its head office to the city in February 2024, where the group moves into Erhvervspark Silkeborg. Brdr. Lund Invest is owned by Thomas Lund og Martin Lund.

For more information about the partnership and projects please contact:

CEO Thomas Lund, E-mail: [email protected], tel.: 21 49 80 04