Lars Larsen Group invests in Danish lighting company

On 29 May the exclusive Danish lighting company ONEA will sign an agreement with Lars Larsen Group. Under the agreement, Lars Larsen Group acquires 30% of ONEA A/S’ shareholding.

ONE A was founded by Jan Bjarnhoff in 2008.

The company is a lighting and smart home specialist, covering an exclusive segment of the market in this advanced technology area. ONE A’s clients are mainly the owners of architect-designed private residences, hotels, restaurants and luxury yachts; projects also include the transformation of luxury brand stores. ONE A's main office and showroom are in Sønder Stenderup, near Kolding on the Jutland peninsula.

On the subject of the new part owner, Jan Bjarnhoff says:

“Lars Larsen Group is a most welcome partner for us: our company can now advance to a completely new level. We are very proud of the achievements we have made thus far, through our own efforts. But if we're to join the big boys’ game, then a partner is needed. This development allows us to set our growth plans to turbo and build a brand that will score highly”.

Chairman of the Board at Lars Larsen Group, Jacob Brunsborg, shares this aim.

“Jan Bjarnhoff has created an impressive company in ONE A, in a very interesting market segment. In global terms, no other company matches ONE A for products and development opportunities in this area. With Lars Larsen Group as a co-investor, I have great expectations for ONE A in the future,” says Brunsborg.