Lars Larsen Group invests again: EUR 100m earmarked for green energy

With a commitment of EUR 100m Lars Larsen Group once again invests in renewable energy through Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ new flagship fund, Fund V.

Investing in the green energy transition and long-term solutions for the energy supply of the future is an integrated part of Lars Larsen Group’s strategy. Thus far, the group has committed EUR 100m to Copenhagen Infrastructure IV (Fund IV) and EUR 50m to CI ETF I (Copenhagen Infrastructure Energy Transition Fund I).

Now, Lars Larsen Group is committing an additional EUR 100m in the newest flagship fund, Fund V, which reached a first close June 30, 2023. Thereby, the group has in total committed EUR 250m earmarked for green energy.

”As a group with a long-term focus and a fundamental ambition of contributing to society, it is important to us to invest in the green energy supply of the future,” says Chief Investment Officer in Lars Larsen Group, Daniel Albæk.

Like the predecessor flagship fund, Fund IV, Fund V will be focused on investments in the development of known and well-tested technology such as solar and wind power. However, flagship Fund V is expected to reach twice the size of its predecessor with a target fund size of EUR 12bn and become the world’s largest dedicated greenfield renewable energy fund.

”The fact that we continue to invest through Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, with this being our third commitment, is based on the assessment that they are among the best partners within this theme – also in terms of creating attractive, risk-adjusted returns which is important to us. Responsibility and sound business practise are not mutually exclusive – on the contrary. We believe that the most attractive investment opportunities will be those that take part in solving the challenges of society now and in the future,” says Daniel Albæk.