Lars Larsen Group invests heavily in green energy

With a commitment of DKK 1 billion to investments in green energy, Lars Larsen Group is taking a big step towards a greener future

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has just announced the status of Fund IV, which has already committed EUR 4 billion to investments in green energy.

Of these total investments, Lars Larsen Group has pledged DKK 1 billion towards the fund.

According to Jesper Lund, CEO of Lars Larsen Group, this should be seen as a clear indication of the direction of investments in the Group.

”It shows a clear strategy of wishing to invest in green technology. This is not least because our owners have determined that CSR is a fundamental value for Lars Larsen Group. This also includes a target of investing our funds in projects that can help reduce our world's carbon footprint. Furthermore, it's also worth emphasising that this is simply a good investment," says Jesper Lund.

More on the way
After taking over the CEO post for Lars Larsen Group in February this year, Jesper Lund has worked together with the Group's chairperson Jacob Brunsborg on a plan that will ensure Lars Larsen Group a new and more active role as long-term investor, including in a variety of sustainable green projects.

"Lars Larsen Group is a extremely well-consolidated company and this offers us a unique opportunity to take up the role of investor in major projects within the energy sector, for example. The investment in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners should thus be seen as the first step. We need to do more in the long term," says Lund.

Important partner
Managing Partner in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Jakob Baruël Poulsen, is pleased that Lars Larsen Group has opted to invest in Fund IV.

"CIP's funds invest globally in major green energy projects. Capital from Danish institutional investors and family-owned accounts is a cornerstone of this, and we value the trust Lars Larsen Group has shown us and look forward to the cooperation," says Jakob Baruël Poulsen.