Lars Larsen Group is investing 50 million EUR in green solutions of the future

The green solutions of the future are the focal point of a new fund from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, for which Lars Larsen Group has pledged 50 million EUR.

When Lars Larsen Group in the autumn of 2020 gave a commitment to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ fund 4, it was about investing in well-known technologies such as wind turbines and solar cells.

However, if the global goals of reducing global warming and saving endangered ecosystems are to be achieved, it is also important to have the courage to invest in green technologies, which is still in the early stages.

That is why Lars Larsen Group has just given a commitment of 50 million EUR to a new Energy Transition Fund from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, which will invest in the next generation of green solutions, including Power-to-X.

Must lead the way

The latter is, among other things, the case in Esbjerg, where Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners in February presented the plan for Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility with the goal of producing CO2-free green ammonia.

”There is no doubt that with this investment we are taking a bigger risk compared to the ‘normal’ investment strategy in Lars Larsen Group. But it is crucial that both privately owned groups and pension funds dare to take the lead and invest in developing the technology needed to solve the climate challenges,” says CEO of Lars Larsen Group, Jesper Lund.

Common challenges

The aim of the fund is thus to contribute to the commercialisation of Power-to-X technology, which in addition to creating opportunities for storage of green energy also contains the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from, among others, agriculture and the transport sector.

“If we look specifically at the transport sector, we are also very aware that Lars Larsen Group, through its retail companies, has a negative environmental impact through the transport of goods. That environmental impact must be completely removed in the long run, and we help to make this possible with an investment like this,” says Jesper Lund.

The new investment from Lars Larsen Group is thus also completely in line with the general strategy for the group.

“The three values, which Lars Larsen Group is based on, are tradesmanship, responsibility and growth. This investment is completely in line with the three values, and our ambition to contribute to growth and value in society,” says Jesper Lund.