Lars Larsen Group, JYSK, and ILVA sign commitment to green transport transition in Aarhus

The companies Lars Larsen Group, JYSK, and ILVA now officially support the goal of Aarhus Municipality to become carbon neutral in 2030. The three companies have all signed Climate Alliance Aarhus’ Commitment Paper.

CO2 emission from transport is one of the biggest challenges for Aarhus Municipality in reaching the city council’s goal of carbon neutrality in 2030. Therefore, a group working under Climate Alliance Aarhus with focus on the green transition in transport has created a Commitment Paper, which highlights and obliges the signatory companies to initiate actions to reduce their emissions from transport.

”With our green agenda and a number of subsidiary headquarters in Aarhus, we have many employees who commute to and from Aarhus every day. We are therefore glad to support the green objective of Aarhus Municipality. With our signature we officially commit to transition our car fleet to more emission-free vehicles over time. We thereby join forces with the rest of the business community in highlighting concrete actions which strengthen the green transition in Aarhus Municipality now and in the future,” says President and CEO of Lars Larsen Group, Jesper Lund.

As examples of green transport-initiatives Lars Larsen Group, JYSK, and ILVA have all established charging stations for electric vehicles at their headquarters in Aarhus and as of the financial year 2022, 74 percent of all new company cars in JYSK are either hybrid or electric cars. It is also possible for employees to charge their electric bike at the offices of JYSK and Lars Larsen Group.

”We are already actively working on becoming more sustainable and it makes sense for us to commit to the initiatives of Climate Alliance Aarhus. Together with other companies and organisations in the municipality we can inspire each other and contribute to a coordinated effort in the area of transportation for the benefit of us all,” Jesper Lund says.

Implementation of the Commitment Paper is followed up through yearly reporting by the companies and organisations who are part of the initiative.

Read the Commitment Paper here: Commitment Paper