Letz Sushi closes down

After nearly 20 years in the market, the owners of Letz Sushi plan to close down the restaurant chain.

The decision is based on several years’ attempts at generating a profit in Letz Sushi. Unfortunately, this has not been possible and the work to close down the sushi restaurant chain will therefore be initiated now.

”I would like to thank the management and employees in Letz Sushi for their great efforts in creating a successful sushi restaurant chain. We are grateful for the many hours and the energy that has been put into the business; all of which will of course be taken into account in the work to come. I would also like to thank our customers for their loyal support,” says Chairman of the Board of Lars Larsen Group, Jacob Brunsborg.

”We are very happy and proud to run and develop Letz Sushi, which is one of Denmark’s leading sushi restaurant chains with a strong focus on responsible procurement of both ingredients and packaging. But to say it like it is , we have not been able to generate a profit in spite of many persistent attempts. Therefore, we are now working on closing down Letz Sushi in a responsible and orderly manner over the coming months,” says Chairman of the Board of Letz Sushi, Lars Bo Jeppesen.

Letz Sushi employs 223 people in restaurants, production, and administration, who have been informed about the planned closure today.

Over the months to come, the necessary discussions regarding the planned terminations of employees will take place.

For more information please contact:

Åse Andersson
Communications Director, Lars Larsen Group
[email protected]