New owner of Backtee

Current CEO of Backtee, Thomas Knudsen, will become the future owner and sole responsible for the future development of the company

For almost 25 years, Lars Larsen Group has owned the Silkeborg based company, Backtee, which sell golf clothes and golf equipment worldwide.

But as of Autumn 2020 this will changes, as Lars Larsen Group will transfer ownership of the company to current CEO of Backtee, Thomas Knudsen.

”I look forward to the opportunity to get full responsibility, and I believe that the company is in a good position right now. Despite the challenges caused by coronavirus, Backtee has had a positive development within several business areas, and I have no doubt that we have developed a sustainable strategy for the future,” says Thomas Knudsen.

He underlines that from the very beginning of the efforts to create a new ownership structure, it has been important for everyone involved to end up with a solution that everyone would be happy with.

New strategy

And just like Thomas Knudsen, Chairman of the Board of Lars Larsen Group, Jacob Brunsborg, is satisfied with the solution, as ownership of Backtee does not fit into the future strategy of the family owned group.

“We are in a process of deciding, where Lars Larsen Group should be part of active ownership in the future. During that process, we have decided, that the best solution for all parties involved, is that Thomas Knudsen take over as owner of Backtee,” says Jacob Brunsborg.

Hope for succes

Even though Lars Larsen Group will no longer be the owner of Backtee, Jacob Brunsborg will still root for the company in the years to come.

“Just like my father, I have been involved with Backtee for many years, and I wish the best of luck for the future for Backtee, Thomas Knudsen and for the employees. I will certainly follow the development even though the company is no longer part of Lars Larsen Group,” says Jacob Brunsborg.

Lars Larsen Group will not disclose any further information about the financial aspects of the transfer of ownership.