​Ready for a celebration in HimmerLand

The golf tournament Made in Denmark, which is part of the PGA European Tour, is changing its name to Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA after huge investment in the course and facilities.

The golf tournament Made in Denmark, which has been part of the PGA European Tour since 2014, is changing its name. From 2021, the tournament will be called Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA.

With this name change it's also planned for the tournament, which offers a prize sum of EUR 3 million, to be played permanently in Himmerland rather than moving around between different Danish courses, as it has done previously.

“When we look at what the tournament is known for and what it should be known for in the future, you can't ignore either the impressive course at HimmerLand Resort or its iconic hole number 16, Himmerland Hill – so it's only natural that this should also be reflected in the tournament's name,” explains the promoter for Made in HimmerLand, Flemming Astrup.

An event for all of Himmerland
The decision is similarly welcomed by HimmerLand's director Mark Bering, who has been busy expanding the resort since last year's edition of the tournament had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.
“We've used the time to improve the course and the surrounding facilities, so we can now deliver a world-class framework for a tournament on all levels. Not only for the players, but also for the many spectators and sponsors who can benefit from our gourmet experiences and improved hotel and conference facilities,” says Mark Bering, who continues:

“Both Himmerland as a region and our resort offer a wealth of opportunities for a fantastic break all year round. So it also means a lot that HimmerLand is now replacing Denmark in the tournament name. Not just for our resort, but for the entire region,” says Mark Bering.

Looking cautiously forward
He emphasises, however, that the coronavirus pandemic may lead to any large-scale celebrations having to be postponed until 2022.

“Safety comes first, of course. Which is why it's currently only sponsors who can look forward to an invitation, as we're waiting to put tickets on sale for the 2021 event until we know how many spectators we can let in. This may mean that the larger-scale celebrations will be postponed. What's important for me, however, is that we've secured our future and that it will have HimmerLand in the name,” concludes Mark Bering.

Promoter Flemming Astrup is also focused on the importance of having future events and a framework now firmly in place, despite the fact that 2021's tournament will still be affected by the coronavirus pandemic to some degree.

“I'm extremely pleased that we have the date and framework in place for next year's Made in Himmerland presented by FREJA. With the event scheduled for 27–30 May, we're hoping for good weather and reasonable COVID-19 restrictions so that we can create just the right party atmosphere for players and sponsors as well as the spectators we're permitted to invite in,” says Flemming Astrup.

More information:

Mark Bering, HimmerLand CEO
[email protected]
mobile: +45 2148 1416

Flemming Astrup, Made in HimmerLand Promoter
mobile: +45 4090 1960

Ticket sales for Made in HimmerLand presented by FREJA will start as soon as guidelines regarding COVID-19 are available.

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