ScanCom stay loyal towards a sustainable development

The Danish furniture group, ScanCom International A/S, have in the latest fiscal year massively invested in more sustainable production

With an increased turnover to 1.3 billion Danish Kroner (DKK) and operation profits (EBITDA) of 35 million Kroner (DKK), the management group at ScanCom can be satisfied with the continued growth, in spite of the company experiencing important challenges as a direct result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been a quite challenging period, due to the fact that it is costly to maintain a responsible production, with a low degree of utilisation on both equipment and employees over a longer lockdown period. On the other hand, we have had great support from both employees and customers, and this adds to my satisfaction on how we have managed to initiate the biggest investment plan in the company’s history and still deliver a surplus – regardless of the challenges faced”, states Group CEO, Stig Maasboel.

Well-equipped for the future

He has no doubt that ScanCom have comitted to the correct business model and CSR strategy in the form of ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ which, amongst other things, mean that ScanCom over the course of the fiscal year have focused even more on reusing and recycling own and others’ by-products.

ScanCom have thus developed innovative concepts with revolving reusing, recycling and reintroducing sawdust and waste from plastic and aluminium.

“Naturally, it is all about sustainability, but it is important to highlight that it is also a very good business model from a commercial point of view’, explains Stig Maasboel.

He also notes that the Lars Larsen Group have supported the investment plan that have been completed during the fiscal year.

“I am very pleased with the backing our owners and board have given for our strategy of investing in growth and expanding our responsible production capacity. The support means that we have maintained and even accelerated the construction of the new 57.000m2 facility in southern Vietnam’, Stig Maasboel adds.

Investments have also been made on the education of employees with a recently completed Management Trainee Programme, alongside with investments in digitalisation and product developments.

A promising outlook

According to Stig Maasboel, and in relation to the above, the future outlook is a positive one.

The market have evolved in a positive direction, and I have a firm belief in an improved result for the current fiscal year. ScanCom have a good and strongcooperation with its many global customers, and we have achieved a high level of incoming orders and foresee a high capacity utilisation for the coming 5-6 months. We remain convinced that the demand for not only sustainable products, but also for sustainable and responsible production will increase and due to this ScanCom will continue expanding our capacity”, Stig Maasboel states.