Welcoming the new Lars Larsen Group Retail-team

The first day of autumn also marks the first official working day for the new business constellation that is Lars Larsen Group Retail.

Lars Larsen Group Retail (LLGR) is one of two main business areas in Lars Larsen Group and comprises the subsidiaries JYSK, Bolia.com, ILVA, Third.space, SENG, Sengetid.dk, and SOFACOMPANY.

Heading the LLGR-team is Jan Bøgh, the long-serving President and CEO of JYSK. Today, after 28 years of creating impressive results for the Danish retail chain, he officially takes on the planned new role as President and CEO of LLGR.

During Jan Bøgh’s time in JYSK, the company has grown from 335 stores in nine countries to more than 3,300 stores in 48 countries. But according to Jan Bøgh there are plenty more opportunities and battles to be won in the retail market.

“It is of course a big change for me personally, but I look forward to everything that lies ahead, and I know that JYSK is in good hands with the new President and CEO Rami Jensen,” says Jan Bøgh.

An experienced team

In addition to Jan Bøgh, the new LLGR-team consists of four other former JYSK-profiles: Vice Presidents Niels Veien, Henrik Naundrup, and Peter Andsager, and Chief Business Development Officer Jacob Krogh Andersen. Together, they hold more than 100 years of experience in retail.

The team will be responsible for developing the retail companies in the group and creating more cross-functional synergies with respect for their differences. Furthermore, the team constitutes the majority of the boards in the different companies.

In addition to strengthening the synergies and sharing best practices, expansion will naturally be on LLGR’s agenda.

“Growth and expansion are part of the DNA in the LLGR leadership team, so of course we hope our strong experience from JYSK in that respect will come to benefit the other retail companies in the group,” Jan Bøgh says.

“We are pleased to be welcoming this highly experienced and specialised team to their new roles in Lars Larsen Group,” says Jesper Lund, President and CEO of Lars Larsen Group. “Retail is our backbone, and we are certain that the LLGR-team will continue to deliver strong results, responsible tradesmanship, and contribute to our continued growth,” he adds.

“Success is to be in demand”

To Jan Bøgh, who, in his own words, is “known for being quite result-oriented”, success in LLGR should be measurable. However, LLGR’s value to the retail companies should also be reflected in other ways:

“In LLGR we wish to be co-players and create real value for the retail companies in the group,” Jan Bøgh says and continues: “To me, that means being in demand; that the companies actively request our time and competences to help them in their endeavours.”